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Testimonials about Wheelock Terrace

Nothing speaks louder about the reasons to join our community than the testimonials of our many satisfied residents and their families. We take pride in making Wheelock Terrace a happy and caring home. Please see a sampling of our testimonials:

"In addition to the attention and personal care that [my wife] and I enjoy as residents here, we especially enjoy the many entertaining events that you organize for the community. We are extremely happy living at Wheelock Terrace and a great deal of our enjoyment is due to your efforts."

"Thank you for all your do to care for our mother. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and your concern for her well-being. Our minds are at ease knowing that [she] is in good hands at Wheelock Terrace, under the expert care of your wonderful staff."

"Thank you so very much for your incredible compassion and help with my mother. You and your outstanding staff have been there for her every step of the way... and I cannot thank you enough... It is such a comfort to me to know that my mother is at Wheelock Terrace surrounded by such caring and professional people."

"[My] family wants you to know how much we appreciated all the care [my] mother received during her stay in Wheelock Terrace. [She] had standards in how she wanted to live her life, and the staff seemed to understand this and respect her desire to maintain a sense of dignity. We didn't fully realize the love and devotion many of the staff had for [my] mother until those last few days, and we want to thank them for helping [her] live out her last years in comfort and dignity."

"You are the 'Mother Teresas' in Hanover. Your care for my father over the past two years was gentle and kind. You provided him with a routine that was able to keep him feeling secure and unafraid. No words can express my profound gratitude to [your team] and admiration for your work."

"My sister and I had wanted our mother to move to Wheelock Terrace years earlier. We were so impressed by the physical beauty of the facility, the professionalism of the staff and the overall great atmosphere. It took me a while to understand that my mother would be able to remain at Wheelock Terrace until the very end no matter how badly her condition deteriorated... The care and love she received from your staff throughout her stay at Wheelock Terrace... was extraordinary. The staff acted beyond their professional role... [and] treated my mother with love, care and respect."

"We are very happy with our Wheelock Terrace experience. Both my sister and I feel we made the right decision in having my mother become a Wheelock Terrace resident... You have built a staff of caregivers and created an environment for them to be very sensitive to the needs of the residents... This professional separates you from other assisted living facilities."

"Over the years, I have marveled at how well Wheelock Terrace works. I sing your praises to anyone who will listen... The staff works like a well-oiled machine.... You keep the residents busy and focused, you respect their individual needs, and most importantly you help them keep their dignity during a very difficult time of their lives."

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