Why Choose Assisted Living

Assisted living friends share a moment on a bench at senior living facility in Hanover, NH.

There may come a time in life when caring for the changing needs of an aging senior calls for more comprehensive support than most seniors and their families can provide, despite their best intentions.

When seniors need help with the activities of daily living, many residents and their families find that assisted living at Wheelock Terrace is a more practical, affordable and desirable solution than other alternatives. This is because it is very difficult to match the quality, reliability, benefits, and comprehensive nature of our round-the-clock care, services and amenities.

Many residents join us not only for the quality of care and services they receive, but because community living enhances senior satisfaction with life. In fact, many seniors wish they had joined us sooner!

When residents and their families are freed from daily responsibilities that may otherwise be unmanageable, they gain an improved quality of life, peace of mind, and time to concentrate on the things that matter most—like spending quality time together without the distraction of chores.

And, the benefits of assisted living care at Wheelock Terrace are distinctly greater than hiring a home health service at your home or independent living community. Independent living communities are not typically licensed to provide care to their aging residents or oversee the quality and adequacy of any care that might be provided by home health agencies to residents as they age.

Thus, for many reasons, assisted living is often the best choice for an aging senior. Also, our costs are affordable compared to other options, especially when considering the quality and comprehensive nature of our services and amenities. To help you assess costs, please see our Cost Comparison Worksheet.

Many people find that assisted living at Wheelock Terrace is the best solution! Please see our Testimonials. They speak for themselves.

Wheelock Terrace senior living resident working on a puzzle.

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